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    The Good! Morning video has been posted! Enjoy this brief clip that contains our first look at footage from the Kamen Rider Drive series!

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    Garo Basics translated

    HQ Link 1 / HQ Link 2

    My scans

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    Okay but how adorable is it that in the episode with Lamp Shadow where everyone was acting like adults and had “grown-up jobs,” Mio was a police officer…


    …just like her dad? <3

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    松島庄汰のキメ顔 (居酒屋x庄汰 #16 〜ハンサム後夜祭〜)

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  10. Apparently, these are the villains of Kamen Rider Drive.


    Yeah. 8Dbbbbbbbbbbbbb

    Warabino Tomoya - Matsushima Shota - Katoono Taikou