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  2. Truthfully… I knew it the back of my head. Ever since I lost my appetite… I started to think that these looked…

    Ah… It really is delicious…

    I’m sorry, Sis… I… Can’t eat your cooking anymore…

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    Gaim Finale Countdown [x]
    ↳ 9/18 - Energy Riders

    "This one is much more dangerous than the prototype."
    -Sengoku Ryouma
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    S.H.Figuarts ポージングレッスン第3回


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    Kamen Rider Drive Character Book Vol. Zero ~ AcceleratioN ~

    The first Drive Character Book will be out on October 2, 2014, and will contain photos of and interviews with the cast and staff.

    (anyone remember the first Gaim Character Book ~ First Battle ~ last year? It will be something similar)

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    Team Baron and Team Gaim 
    (Thanks to silverwind for scans)
  8. "Kaito!"


    -scan credits: x x
  9. Gaim Finale Countdown

    [9/18] Energy Riders - Minato Yoko

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    'I have no right to fall in love'